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  UPDATED . . . What's Up STAGE: Ralph Fiennes finds more in less in Richard II. London and New York reviews from the Almeida Theatre productions(with Coriolanus) at the Gainsborough Studios. With photos.

ENJOY . . . Today's Special Kenneth Branagh picks the favourite Shax performances of Kenneth Branagh.

UPDATED . . . Kenneth Branagh's HENRY V celebrates its Tenth Anniversary. Branagh thanks his supporters, and the event turns into a birthday gift for young thespians who aspire to a bigger stage.

UPDATED . . . The London Times chats again with Branagh in personal interviews following the completion of Love's Labour's Lost. Photographs, and an item about the Empire Magazine Inspiration Award.

UPDATED . . . Ralph Fiennes in "The End of the Affair." A film review from the front office. Uh-oh. Photo and MOV links added. A second opinion, and an article on the characters Fiennes portrays, added.

ENJOY . . . The front office review of Ralph Fiennes in Onegin. Not Julie Taymor's Titus, that's for sure.

PLUS . . . more news below.

Features of the Daily Telegiraffe

What's Up: BOOKS Sarah Hatchuel, "Branagh and The Bard: A Companion to the Shakespearean Films of Kenneth Branagh"

What's Up: FILM Waking Will Divinely: Shakespeare in Love

What's Up: STAGE Ralph Fiennes Finds Richard II and Coriolanus

Back Issues:

  What's Up STAGE Rufus Sewell Takes on Macbeth
    What's Up: BOOKS Harold Bloom, "Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human"


*** DID YOU KNOW? ***

NEW YORK - "Hamlet" was chosen as the greatest poem of the millenium in the New York Times Magazine millenium review!

LONDON (Reuters) - William Shakespeare was picked as Britain's "Man of the Millennium" by a poll of BBC radio listeners!

ENJOY . . . Back issues of our features, indexed by subject on the front page, and on current feature pages.

ENJOY . . . Gertrude and Claudius, a book by John Updike, explores the new King and Queen.

ENJOY . . . Shakespeare in Less Than 10 Minutes Review of a video of restorations of the earliest surviving silent Shakespeare films from 1899-1911. Also, can you choose your five favourite Shakespeare films? Check your picks against Kenneth Branagh's choices.

READ . . . Our holiday message for 2000.

ENJOY . . . Alan Rickman plays A. Dane in a science-fiction comedy/parody of the Star Trek universe, in Galaxy Quest. Click here for a transcription of Rickman's appearance on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" promoting the film.

ENJOY . . . The films " Onegin" and "The End of the Affair" open with reviews, interviews, and photographs. Fiennes has been searching for Pushkin's anti-hero for some time now. His article, with a link to Empire Magazine's review of Onegin

ENJOY . . . ABC: Woody Allen, Kenneth Branagh, and Celebrity

ENJOY . . . Programme notes from the NFT's Branagh Retrospective, now added off of the Hamlet page.

ENJOY . . . Chosen as the greatest poem of the millenium, Hamlet endures.

ENJOY . . . Woody Allen, C'est Moi A French interview with Kenneth Branagh about working with Woody Allen.

ENJOY . . . Billy Crystal does DeNiro working on Branagh's Hamlet, and a bit of his version of the Woodman doing the Dane. All we need now is the audioclip!

ENJOY . . . Behind Celebrity's Curtain: An unabashedly editorial film review from the front office.

ENJOY . . . Glimpses of genius. In praise of HAMLET: Kenneth Branagh's film version captures the soul of Hamlet.

Also find on the Hamlet Page an interview with Kenneth Branagh (now with photograph) and an account of the London benefit screening of Hamlet, at which Branagh appeared.

ENJOY . . . The New York Times review of "Discovering Hamlet" a short film which documents Branagh's early take on the stage role under the direction of Sir Derek Jacobi.

ENJOY . . . Kenneth Branagh's interview at his NFT Retrospective, as conducted by the Guardian newspaper. Complete text, and complete Questions and Answers now available.

ENJOY . . . Who is the "Greatest Fictional Character in World Literature and Legend" - - one guess.
With the Austen lover's link.

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