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  Rufus Sewell, last on stage in Macbeth, also returns to the live experience in John Osborne’s Luther , at the National Theatre, starting September 29, 2001.

"There is something very beautiful about the play and it talks a lot about music and dancing so when we came do this film we decided we would take that to an extreme. Often the rewards with this kind of work are particularly kind of exciting and meaningful--when you get the letter from someone in Minnesota or some kid in Glasgow who was dreading some English test or a class on some play, and one of your films made some sense for them, or opened it up for them." -- Kenneth Branagh, on Love's Labour's Lost.

  Love's Labour's Lost is available on DVD in Region 1 and Region 2 formats. The soundtrack may be becoming rare, you may want to purchase your backup CD soon. A French site has joined the Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and UK sites, found here. LLL opened in Japanese cinemas on December 16, 2000. Also find Real Player clips from the film and a Real Player National Public Radio interview with Kenneth Branagh for the film.

Our review from the front office is here.

On Shakespeare and Musicals  
Click for Branagh on subject and style. (Real Player audiofile. 372K)
For reviews of Love's Labour's Lost from Variety, Total Film, and others, click here.

  A 40th Birthday Salute to Kenneth Branagh
Birthday wishes to Kenneth Branagh from his supporters took the form of donations to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art's new theatre, and to the Ulster Association of Youth Drama in Northern Ireland. A thrilled Branagh accepted the gifts graciously.

Also RADA theatre news, and link to BBC news bit, including Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman with the Queen.

UPDATED: In 2000, Kenneth Branagh received the Gielgud Golden Quill Award from the Shakespeare Guild. A videotape of the event is available through the auspices of the Guild. For information about Shakespeare Guild membership, and a copy of the limited edition videotape of highlights from the event, click here. The recipient of the Golden Quill Award for 2001 has not been announced, but the presentation will likely take place in the UK, in May of 2001.

Rickman Plays Shakespeare link will be added off the Shakespeare in Performance Page, when Love's Labour's Lost expands here at the DT. Now a permanent photo exhibition, the Alan Rickman Shakespearean Picture Page will feature changing selections. Right now, view a rare Rickman Hamlet photo and four others. The essay by Alan Rickman on playing Jaques in As You Like It is the selected reading.

  What's Up MUSIC

UPDATED: Excerpt from a Scorelogue interview with Patrick Doyle joins the liner notes from the Love's Labour's Lost CD. Also Amazon's short interview with the composer of the music for the films "Henry V", "Hamlet", and "Sense and Sensibility", and now, Love's Labour's Lost. A snippet of an earlier radio interview with Doyle about his work. Link to "I Won't Dance" audio file added.

UPDATED: Our three-part feature on Kenneth Branagh's HENRY V.
Visit the story page which has Real Audio clips of both words and Patrick Doyle's music, and a QuickTime mov.

  What's Up BOOKS: Branagh and The Bard: A Companion to the Shakespearean Films of Kenneth Branagh. Our exclusive interview with scholar/author Sarah Hatchuel, previewing her new book. Now with a link to her essay on cinematic narrative devices in Branagh's film versions of Henry V and Hamlet.

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