Shakespeare in Performance

"Ken is making Shakespeare funny and outrageous without losing the story. The audacity of putting these songs in is a wonderful thing - none of them jar and they are cheekily pertinent."--Timothy Spall


On June 5, 2000 Love's Labour's Lost had a rousing premiere in New York City at the Paris Theatre. The film opened on June 9, for New York and Los Angeles audiences, and opens wider on June 16 in twelve more US cities.

On May 23 in Marin County, California, Kenneth Branagh’s mold-breaking and warm-hearted Shakespearean romantic musical comedy was greeted with enthusiastic cheers and laughter in all the right places. Branagh met with fans of Shakespeare and his work in a reception prior to the screening, which was a benefit for the Marin Shakespeare Company. "We’re very proud of the film, I hope you enjoy it." The easy-going director introduced the film at the theatre, thanking his supporters and joking, "It’s a musical--don’t be shocked!" He also offered his memories of the late Sir John Gielgud, who starred in Branagh’s "Swan Song", which won an Academy Award.

In an era of uber-savvy overload, we're deluged with know-it-all/show-it-all films which pretend to be romantic comedies. This film is a startlingly different fresh blend, which reminds us that modern and old-world can meet--and fall in love.

Branagh has given us a wonderful film.

Our front office review is here.


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